We lead by example; we strive to be exceptional, 

we practice integrity and leadership in all walks of life.

We are Navy League Cadets and Sea Cadets--a dedicated team."

- Blue Angels Squadron Motto -

Blue Angels Squadron, named in honor of the Navy's famed flight demonstration team, has been training young men and women from the Puget Sound region for more than 60 years. We are committed to producing confident, productive, self-reliant young leaders and citizens. 

Unit Leadership

Commanding Officer

YNCS Deborah Kolar, USN (Ret.)

Executive Officer

LT Madhu Talluri

Admin Officer

LTJG Michelle Schlichting 

Training Officer

INST Reshma Jain

Supply Officer

INST Rob Baughman 

Medical/Safety Officer & Unit Photographer

INST Donald Henry 

Public Affairs Officer

INST Padma Lakshman

Recruiting Officer

INST Stuart Reynolds 

X-Division Officer

ENS Karina Martija-Harris 

Finance Officer

INST John Beesley 

Unit Facts

Blue Angels Squadron was commissioned in 1961 aboard Naval Air Station Seattle at Sand Point. Following the closure of the air station in the 1970s, the unit moved its drill location to Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center Seattle at South Lake Union. The reserve center closed in the 1990s and Blue Angels Squadron has been drilling aboard USCG Base Seattle ever since. 





Blue Angels Squadron Alumni attending academies

Unit Organization

Blue Angels Squadron operates as a chartered unit of the national Naval Sea Cadet Corps organization, which is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. The squadron is recognized as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is registered with Washington state as a non-profit corporation.

Day to day operation of the unit is accomplished by its all-volunteer staff led by the unit commanding officer. Sea Cadet units function and are organized like navy reserve units. Cadets drill one weekend a month at their local unit and then during their school breaks they complete one and two week periods of training duty.

The Blue Angels Squadron is part of the Pacific Northwest Region 13-4, which is led by a regional director. The regional director reports to the Pacific West headquarters representative, who in turn reports to the NSCC executive director. National program oversight is the responsibility of the NSCC National Board of Directors, its chairman and president.

Adult leaders are members of the NSCC Officer Corps and they can be civilians, veterans and active, reserve and retired military personnel. NSCC officer rank is honorary.

Command Philosophy


Empower American youth to excel as responsible leaders; and develop exceptional, responsible leaders who serve their community.


We challenge youth to be critical thinkers and ethical decision makers. We build their confidence and self-reliance through experience-based training. By setting the example, we create young leaders who do the same. 


Blue Angels Squadron will execute its mission and deliver its services in an inclusive manner. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.


Blue Angels Squadron is a professional work environment. All members have the right to feel safe and secure; be free from sexual, physical or mental abuse or harassment, humiliating treatment, physical punishment and bullying. 

We NEVER haze, bully or harass. We do not stand by and do nothing when we witness inappropriate behavior. If something is not right or inappropriate, we intervene if safe to do so and always report it to a responsible adult. 

Whether at home or away, we always hold ourselves and our shipmates to the highest standards of conduct regardless of rate or rank. We help each other overcome adversity to become better people. We always try to be examples of our core values of HONOR, RESPECT, COMMITMENT, and SERVICE.

NSCC Core Values





U.S. Navy Support of the NSCC

U.S. Navy support is set forth by Congress in the NSCC charter, which states the NSCC will accomplish its mission “through organization and cooperation with the Department of the Navy.” Navy Recruiting Command is the Sea Cadet program manager for the Navy. Official support of the NSCC is discussed in OPNAVINST 5760.5D, Navy Support and Assistance to Youth Groups. Sea Cadets who achieve the grade of E-3 or higher in the program may enlist in the Navy at the paygrade of E-3.

U.S. Coast Guard Support of the NSCC

The USCG has long been one of the organization’s premiere supporters. Commandant (CG-09223) manages the service’s relationship with the NSCC. Official support of the NSCC is discussed in the CG External Affairs Manual, COMDTINST M5700.13. The NSCC is designated as the primary youth program the Coast Guard supports. Sea Cadets who achieve the grade of E-3 or higher in the program may enlist in the Coast Guard at the paygrade of E-3.

Page last updated: 7 May 2023